Adrian Glasser Consulting


Adrian Glasser Consulting, Limited


I provide wide ranging consulting services to the ophthalmic community on a part-time basis (~10 hours per week). Through my career as an academic scientist and a consultant, I have been at the forefront of innovative research and developments on how the eye changes focus when we are young (accommodation) and why we progressively lose that ability as we get older (presbyopia). I have extensive experience with intraocular lenses, the physiology and optics of accommodation and presbyopia, accommodation clinical studies and regulatory issues in this area. I bring this experience to my role as an expert consultant to a wide range of clients.

This website includes information on the Consulting Services I provide, my Biography, a list of my Publications, some of my Projects, microcontroller programming EnVision Workshops I have occasionally organized and run and blogs about some of the projects I have been involved with.

I look forward to hearing from you, discussing your project needs and helping you to achieve your goals.