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EMG Controlled Spectacles

LED Brightness Control with Video Capture

This is a Matlab program that does live video capture from an attached USB video camera while also allowing dynamic control of the brightness of two LEDs connected to an Arduino microcontroller. One or the other or both of the LEDs can be turned on at any time.

Dynamic Pupillometer

This is an inexpensive infrared sensitive video camera, connected to a laptop computer running Windows operating system. An infrared light source is used to illuminate the eye. The system is capable or tracking the pupil and measuring at about 30 frames per second. The recorded data of the measured pupil diameter can be saved to an ASCII file. The image below is uncalibrated, hence the unlikely pupil diameters shown. The camera controls (brightness, hue, saturation, contrast) and attached LED brighness can be changed in real-time. Here is a blog on this dynamic pupillometer.

Screen capture of software for dynamic measurement of pupil diameter.
screen shot

Aberrometer Near Letter Chart Stimulus

This is a bright white LED illuminated near letter chart for an aberrometer.

CAD dwawing

stimulus photograph

Autorefractor Near Letter Chart Stimulus

This instrument is designed to move a letter stimulus in and out of the line of sight in front of an autorefractor.

letter stimulus

Lens Squeezer

This instrument is designed to squeeze lenses to measure lens stiffness.

lens squeezer

MRI of Human Donor Eyes

Here below are some details of MRI imaging of human donor eyes.

Human donor eye in custom designed and 3D printed eye holder.
donor eye

Example of a high resolution MRI obtained from a human donor eye. The resolution achieved is 60 microns.
eye MRI

Video of a full volumetric 3D reconstruction of the lens in CAD software from multiple serial MRI sections in three orthogonal meridians from a human donor eye. Only three images of the 65 MR images acquired are shown.

Measurement of anterior and posterior lens surface curvatures and asphericityies from MR images.
eye MRI

3D Printed Model Eye

This is a dimensionally accurate model eye for measuring optical properties of intraocular lenses with tilt and decentration.

model eye

photo of model eye

Cell Scratcher

This instrument is designed to move a rubber tip over cultured cells repeatedly so that the cells can be analyzed for molecular signaling changes due to the repeated abrasion.


iPad Interactive Letter Chart

This is an App for an interactive letter chart or Maltese cross for an iPad (or any mobile device for that matter) in which the size, position and letter or cross can be changed. Go ahead and interact with it on-screen right now. If you touch or click and move, the letter or cross will move. Scroll the scroll bar at right up or down to change the letter or cross size. Touch or click on the middle button at the top and the letter will randomly vary. The right button at the top will switch between a black and white background. Refresh your browser to restart the application.